School for Recovery

Let yourself get passionate about something and dive into it in creative, healing ways

Our school gives members a chance to grow, heal, discover, take risks, and surprise themselves by doing and becoming what they never thought possible
• Offers them ways to build deeper relationships with people who are serious about recovery.
• Provides mentors who are committed to their healing and growth.
• Introduces them to new ideas and experiences that can take them on life-giving paths they’ve never imagined.
• Each class is designed to provide support, wisdom, and companions for the hard work of making healthier choices.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Kleen Streets has partnered with Headstrong Fitness to provide a one of a kind Fitness Program. Speak to our Fitness Director, AJ to get started today.

HANDLING THE STRESS: participants of this 4-week course will recognize their individual stressors and create Roadmap for success.   Instructor: Dixie Hotaling

MOSAIC TILING (ARTS & CRAFTS COURSE): participants of this 4-week course will learn about this tile art form and complete 2 mosaic projects.  Instructor: Sharon Angor

  Support, Wisdom and Companions