Kleen Street Recovery Café

On the average 175-200 people each month come to the cafe requesting resource information, recovery coaches, housing resources, employment referrals, and other types of service information.

  • Entry point to Kleen Street services and resources
  • Sincere friendliness
  • Safe environment
  • Information & resources
  • Great specialty drinks and food
  • Comfortable conversation place
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Fulfill community service hours

Kleen Street Community Club

Kleen Street Community Club is a non-profit service organization dedicated to supporting individuals in recovery. We provide a safe drug and alcohol free environment collectively based on the principles of 12 step recovery programs and spiritual principles. This includes meetings, fellowship, educational activities, youth programs, community outreach and social events.

  • Community meeting place
  • Secure and safe place
  • Computer lab
  • 12 step meetings availible
  • Meeting space available
  • Event space available
  • Affordable and comfortable

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